Gluten Free Mini Chocolate Cakes

Last night we had dinner at a Peruvian restaurant in NYC, and one of the desserts on the menu was chocolate cake with dulce de leche and lucuma ice cream. Heaven!

As you may recall, Peruvians are very fond of chocolate cake, and it is by far the most common cake used to blow birthday candles on. Having it last night reminded us of a different version of chocolate cake we made a few weeks ago: gluten-free mini chocolate cakes. These are the perfect dessert for any occasion, and especially for Christmas or New Years Eve, as they are decadent and festive, and can be enjoyed by most people, even those with food restrictions.

The best part is that you can make them several hours before baking time, and keep them refrigerated to bake at the last minute. Serve warm with chocolate sauce or raspberry coulis, ice cream or some fruit on the side.

If you are trying to avoid gluten, this may be the best dessert for you this Christmas or any other time of the year.


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