Happy Anniversary to us – It’s the wonderful twos!

Can you believe Peru Delights is 2 years old? We can’t! Only when we go back and see all the recipes and articles we’ve put out week after week do we realize we’ve been doing this blog for such a long time. It’s an amazing feeling to see that our material is starting to look quite encyclopedic!

But there are so many recipes in our gastronomy (and new versions and creations of them in our minds), that we haven’t shared with you yet, that it’s clear we still have a long road ahead of us…and we love it! Whoever came up with the phrase «the terrible two’s» surely did not spend any time cooking, blogging, and our favorite part of it all: eating!

These first 2 years have been such an opportunity to learn and grow and share, that we couldn’t be happier about them. And luckily for you, and for us, we are far from running out of ideas and inspiration for the future. The first thing we are doing in our third year that has just began, is to publish an eBook about quinoa. As you may know, 2013 has been named «the year of quinoa», as this Andean superfood has really taken off around the globe. It was about time, wasn’t it? Incas already knew its value hundreds of years ago, and their empire thrived on it. Stay tuned for this eBook, and all the creative and delicious quinoa recipes we will offer in it.

To celebrate this anniversary, we are also giving away 3 copies of out first baby: The Everything Peruvian Cookbook. If you want to have it, or want to give it to your mom for Mother’s Day, all you need to do is prepare one of our published dishes, take a nice picture of it, and post it on your, facebook or twitter wall, tagging Peru Delights. We will pick the 3 best ones by the end of the month, and contact the winners (*only open to continental US residents).

Thank you SO MUCH for your support, comments, beautiful emails, pictures, and more.  You are all the best!


  1. Looking forward to baking the Quinoa chocolate cupcakes! 🙂

  2. Congrats, and thanks for all your great recipes.
    I’m leaving for vacations, but I have to participate on this one… oh siii.

  3. Les había dejado un comentario pero parace que no salió.
    Me voy de vacaciones casi, pero dejar ver si alcanzo a participar.

  4. That is some delicious looking food! Congratulations on your 2-year anniversary!

  5. Wow! I just found this blog and I want to make EVERYTHING! Thanks!

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