The Peruvian Kitchen Cookbook – 100 of our best recipes to enjoy!

Last year was full of great events in our lives, and this beautiful project was one of them. Having the opportunity to share our recipes with our readers in our third cookbook in two years, is something beyond our wildest dreams. We feel humbled, blessed, and incredibly grateful.

The Peruvian Kitchen – Traditions, Ingredients, Tastes, and Techniques in 100 Delicious Recipes, our new cookbook, features many recipes from this blog, and also many new ones to try. The book is full of colorful photos of every dish, of our favorite ingredients, the markets where we shop, and much more (there’s even a picture that my brother took in beautiful Machu Picchu!).

Int his cookbook you will find not only 100 recipes, covering piqueos (hors d’oeuvres) and sandwiches, appetizers, cebiches, soups, rice dishes, entrées, fish & seafood dishes, desserts, sweets, and drinks. There’s also some history, and a glossary with a wide description of Peruvian ingredients, as well as foreign ones that have become indispensable in our tasty cuisine.

The Peruvian Kitchen Cookbook is a collection of dishes Peruvians cook at home on a daily basis. These are the recipes that remind them of their mothers and grandmothers… In other words, comfort food. And if you are a non-Peruvian cook, in these recipes you will discover extraordinary flavors, delicious desserts that will satisfy the sweetest tooth, and refreshing drinks (beware of Pisco drinks, they can be deceivingly strong!).

Using native ingredients, and techniques that came from far away, Peruvian food evolved into one of the best cuisines in the world. You will learn how this happened in the first few chapters of the book. After a brief introduction, I talk about the history of our food and the influences that transformed simple and nutritious dishes into the complex meals we eat today.

There are also vegetarian versions of some dishes, made by my vegetarian and health advocate daughter, who never missed a single dish when she was growing up just because she didn´t eat meat. There’s even a traditional «seco sauce» dish served over some gnocchi instead of the usual goat or beef.

I hope this book will become a part of your cookbook collection. The recipes are easy to follow and my wish is that they inspire you to surprise your family and friends with new and delightful meals.


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